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'Bos bay ben' at Wat Langka Thursday 8th October

LINK is organising a trip to Wat Langka to take part in the 'bos bay ben' tradition (as part of Pchum Ben) on Thursday 8th October at 4am (not pm! ;-)). The cost for each participant is 10usd*.

Please contact us if you are interested!

* This price includes the rice balls, water, incense and candles, which will be taken to Wat Langka, as well as a class explaining the history and the significance of 'bos bay ben' within the Pchum Ben festival. This class will be held on Wednesday 7th October at 9am. Students at every level are welcome!

Whether you are a complete beginner in Khmer or struggling with your progress in the language, the different and entertaining approach to language learning we offer at LINK will definitely appeal to you!

There’s no way around it – Khmer, with its seemingly unpronounceable vowels, double consonants and silent final letters, is a difficult language for foreigners to grasp. This is why it is important for students to undergo a period of listening and understanding – through direct exposure to the language and culture, before (naturally) acquiring the ability to speak. Thanks to our excellent team of dynamic and entertaining teachers, this is exactly how classes work at LINK…

Come to our school and see for yourself, everyone gets a free trial class!

Jom Reab Sua


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

One hour free trial class for all!

Come and see how it works for yourself before you make up your mind! No need to tell us in advance, just turn up whenever you are free!

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Real life in Phnom Penh

Interesting and entertaining field trips to places around Phnom Penh organised by teachers in which participants take part in real life Khmer experiences!

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LINK closed from Sat 10th till Mon 19th October
Sat. October 3rd

Please be informed that LINK will be closed for Pchum Ben and for the Commemoration Day of the Late King-Father from Saturday 10th October until Monday 19th October. This means that there will be no classes on Saturday 10th and classes will sta...